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Patient satisfaction comes about from the professionalism of our doctors and staff, but there’s always more perks you can come to expect from your trusted Mississauga optometrists. Here’s just a few:


Life is busy right? That can make getting to daytime appointments a hassle. That’s why we offer evening appointments at our Mississauga optometry clinic. Our doctors have tried to make themselves available as much as possible during evening hours to make your life just a little bit easier.

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A perfect fit for your eyewear, whether you wear contacts or glasses is not something that should a luxury. It’s the standard we try to live up to with all of our patients. This is the reason for our satisfaction guarantee which states that we stand behind all of our products and the proper fit of your corrective lenses. If you ever feel like you’re unhappy with your eyewear fit, or simply need a quick adjustment, just come on by our Mississauga location and one of our staff will ensure that you walk away with the perfect fit.


A lot of our competitors try to hide the cost of product warranties in their product markups. At Erin Mills Optometry, that goes against what we believe in, and so we never charge extra for our product warranties, and they are always included with your purchase of eyewear.


Accidents happen, glasses break, eye problems can arise suddenly and at some of the most inconvenient times. Our Mississauga optometrists always try to accommodate any emergency appointments for you or your kids.

Eye Exams

We offer oculo-visual assessments for all ages. That just means that our Mississauga Optometrists offer professional and convenient eye-exams to ensure top-notch vision. Learn more.

Designer Eyewear

Our Mississauga location carries hundreds of different glasses and sunglasses to suit your personal style. Stop by our showroom to browse our entire selection today!

Contact Lenses

We’re THE best place to get your contacts in Mississauga! At Erin Mills Optometry our contact lenses are professionally fit by our doctors and associates. We specialize in difficult fits including single vision and bifocal hard and soft lenses for children and adults of all ages.

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