Children’s Vision

The health of your children’s eyes is especially important to their development and ability to learn.


Poor eye health and vision problems can create many unnecessary barriers in life that lead to decreased academic, social and athletic performance, at any age. This is why early detection and treatment of various eye conditions is of paramount importance in improving your child’s overall quality of life.

Seeing is, you’d be surprised to learn, a learned skill more than something that a child is born with. In fact, your child’s brain has to learn how to use their eyes, just like it learns how to use other parts of their body, such as their legs to walk or their mouths to form language. This is the primary reason why eye exams for children are so important. Early detection and the subsequent treatment can provide the best opportunity to correct vision problems and avoid subsequent problems.


80% of a child’s learning in the first 10-12 years of their life is visually based. This only underscores the need for comprehensive eye exams for kids. Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions about what constitutes a full eye exam.

In some Canadian provinces, schools offer vision screening programs that many parents and teachers think are a sufficient replacement for an eye exam. This is not true as a vision screening program is most often a limited procedure, and not equivalent to an optometric eye exam. Many kids with actual vision problems can often pass a vision screening test, leaving vision-threatening diseases untreated. A comprehensive children’s eye exam tests all of a child’s vision functions, including how eyes focus up close, ability to see things at a distance, how well the eyes are working together, and the overall health of the eyes.


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