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Accurate eye exams are the foundation of excellent eye health. At Erin Mills Optometry we offer comprehensive eye examinations at our Mississauga location. We treat and manage a variety of eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other ocular problems. Our state-of-the-art retinal image photography equipment allows early detection and management of many eye conditions.


Most people don’t know that regular eye exams are an integral part of overall health. This is because the structure of your eyes is always changing, resulting in potential changes with how well your eyes work with the passage of time. Sometimes these structures can stop working all together! At Erin Mills Optometry,  we provide regular eye exams which allow us to evaluate the structure and health of your eyes.

The tricky part about vision is that some eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma can worsen with you noticing or having any symptoms. That’s just one reason why eye exams are important. Our Mississauga Optometrists recommend having your eyes examined once every two years.

OHIP covers annual exams for diabetic patients, as well as patients with certain medical conditions. If it’s been over two years since your last eye exam, get in touch with our awesome eye health team to book an appointment.


Setting up your kids for a lifetime of good eye health through early eye exams is one of our top priorities. Vision plays a special role in a child’s early learning and development process. You may not know this, but kids are highly dependant on good eyesight to learn even basic skills such as talking, reading, and walking.

At Erin Mills Optometry we recommend that your child’s very first eye exam should happen at six months old. If we discover no issues, you should bring them by again around the age of three. Once your child has reached school-age, their eyes should be examined once a year. Luckily OHIP covers annual testing of children under the age of 20.

We understand that kids can get nervous about any doctor’s appointment. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond in our clinic to ensure that your children are comfortable during their eye exam by making them both fun and interesting. We do this by really involving them in the process and making them feel like they are an important part of the exam. For our youngest patients, we use special testing procedures since they haven’t yet developed the verbal skills to provide us with the feedback we need.


Seniors eye exams are incredibly important. For some seniors, regular eye care is not much more than getting a stronger prescription or switching from single focal lenses to progressives. For others, there are a number of degenerative eye conditions to watch out for.

At Erin Mills Optometry our recommendation is that you have your eyes examined once a year. OHIP covers basic annual eye exams for seniors over the age of 64. In addition to testing your vision, we’ll always do a comprehensive eye exam using our advanced technology and tools to look for ailments such as cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachments. If you need an eye exam in the Mississauga area, book an appointment today!


The Right
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At Erin Mills Optometry we carry hundreds of different frames for faces of all shapes and sizes. Check out our entire selection, and try on as many pairs as you like, and discover a fresh new look that is totally YOU!

Contact Lenses

We’re THE best place to get your contacts in Mississauga! At Erin Mills Optometry our contact lenses are professionally fit by our doctors and associates. We specialize in difficult fits including single vision and bifocal hard and soft lenses for children and adults of all ages.

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