Vision Services in Mississauga: Contact Lens Fittings

Contact lenses are professionally fit by our doctors. Dr. Marsden, Dr. Love and associates are trained in fitting all of the various types of contact lens brands available. We specialize in fitting difficult fits which include single vision, bifocal, hard and soft contact lenses for children and adults of all ages.

Contact Lenses for Everyone

Gone are the days when you could only wear contact lenses at a young age. The doctor will determine the type of lenses that will best suit your lifestyle and visual needs. We carry all of the brands of lenses available. With the advent of daily, weekly, monthly, silicone hydrogel lenses and more, there is a large variety of choices.

Our doctors and optometric assistants professionally teach you insertion and removal techniques and will give you various lens care tips to ensure that eyes remain healthy and clear of complications. Our prices are extremely competitive. Erin Mills Optometry suppliers offer rebate coupons for volume purchases and we can bundle them with your solutions so you have even more savings; contact us today for a lens fitting appointment or a contact lens refill.

A huge range of contact lenses

We carry all of the brands of lenses available. The top ones are: CIBA Vision, Cooper Vision, ACUVUE, Bausch & Lomb, Mediflex and more.


New patients are welcome and we always strive to accommodate walk-in patients and emergency appointments. Call us today at 905-828-2383 to schedule an appointment. You can also email us at Visit us at: 3115 Glen Erin Drive, Unit 4, Mississauga, ON, L5L 1J3.